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My underarms are lighter and smoother after 2 weeks using the No shade duo. I can raise my arms without feeling ashamed.


I never thought I would find a solution for these dark circles because they’ve been like this for years. I started using this product No Shade Duo and I see such a dramatic difference. I’m soooo happy I’ve invested in this product.


After 3 and a half weeks of using the No Shade exfoliating brightening scrub then following up with the gel, I was able to see a significant change in my skin. I’m so happy with this product.



From the jornals...

Sedity Kitty

Sedity Kitty

Sedity Kitty is definitely one of those products that boost your confidence. Some days you just don't feel as fresh as you want to feel or you may ...
The Blacker The Better Soap

The Blacker The Better Soap

Well we know that Black is King 👑. This activated charcoal and coconut soap is detoxifying and provide great skin benefits. It’s made of natural in...
Just one of them days

Just one of them days

Just one of them days
Feminine Care

Feminine Care

Feminine care is important. If your ph balance is off, you do not feel confident. There are products designed to help you keep a healthy vagina.

Our Customers Testimonials

I was gifted the Lavender Selfcare Box for Mother’s Day and I love it! After taking a soak in the bath salt and rubbing my body down in the body butter I wake up the next morning so relaxed and rejuvenated . I highly recommend this box and will be purchasing one myself soon


With having such a light complexion, the under arm shaving caused serious dark spots. After trying several products I was introduced to the No Shade duo and within a week I could see progress. Within 10 days it was visibly noticeable that it lightened under my arms. I’m extremely pleased with the results. I highly recommend the no shade duo from So Selfish Essentials.


I recommend the eucalyptus bath bombs. I used them for my grandson as well as myself because we have sinus problems, they cleared us up. I also love the sleep (pillow) mists before bedtime especially if you suffer from discomfort or trouble sleeping.


For years I was ashamed of my dark underarms due to using razors. Ever since I started using The No Shade Duo I have more confidence in my appearance due to the lightening of my underarms.


The Self Care box is amazing. I was in love with the selfish care calming tea bath and now this. I wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle my day! Thank you So Selfish Essentials for being in-tuned to the needs of women and making it good to practice self care.


I am so in love with your products. Thank you for introducing me to the natural healthy products for the vagina. I suffer with Pcos and recently was told I have pre cancer cells on my ovaries so I decided to try the yoni pearls detox and I am so happy that I did because it improved my issues


Omg I love love love the vibrant vajayjay clay and serum. I thought nothing would help my sagging kitty lips but now I’m loving how vibrant and youthful it looks. I can finally send my fiancé nudes without being ashamed


The Sedity Kitty Wash is a must have. I use it to replace my soap, it is a must have for a self-care shower routine


Hey Boo, I just wanted to let you know I started using your herbs and VSteam bowl coupled with more fertility herbs and I finally got pregnant. Xoxo