Yoni Oil

Yoni Oil

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Sedity Kitty Yoni oil has great benefits and natural ingredients. This oil helps to keep you moisturized, maintains odor and ph balance. Rub on exterior area. This oil does not have to wiped off. It can also be used on skin or as a lubricant. 

Main ingredients:

  • Grape seed oil
  • vitamin E
  • herbs 

Benefits include but is not limited to:

-Relieves Vaginal Dryness
-Balances PH
-Soothes Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair 

Can be used as lubricant

Reveal your true beauty

The secret to beautiful skin. Nourish your skin, and love your body. Transform your skin, transform your life. Healthy skin, happy life. Love your skin, love yourself.

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