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No Shade Scrub

No Shade Scrub

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No Shade Brightening Scrub™️-Turmeric, lemon and papaya extract are used for -skin maintenance and brightening. This formula works wonders for brightening skin. Please do a patch test as it may stain. This is a natural made product so color may vary. 

Directions-Rub scrub while damp on shaded area, allow it to sit after working it in for approximately 20 mins. Then rinse. If you have the gel wash, follow up with gel wash and repeat step. 

Please understand that everyone's skin is not the same. Please read ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to anything listed. So Selfish Essentials are not responsible for skin reactions.

Benefits include but not limited to:
-Brightening the skin
-Exfoliating skin
-Prevent ingrown hair and razor bumps

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I would love to buy the product I do have dark areas in grown hair that I wanna get rid of but the only thing yes I don’t know your ingredients I don’t know if there’s something in it that I’m allergic to

Works good ! goodbye dark spots

This scrub is the best !!i been trying to get rid of dark spots in between my legs I tried everything on Amazon and no day I saw this on tik tok promotion of the scrub so I decided to give it a try .the shipping was fast smells good and is only been a few weeks and I see the huge difference .i will be ordering again and if u looked to brighten private parts ,arm pitts or inner thighs I recommend you to order now .thank you @soselfishessentials

Melinda Gaines
Not sure

I like the package and the arrival was good.
Now I’m not sure how many days before I see results. I’m sure with scrubbing over a matter of weeks the area will lighten but that would mean spending money for at least 2times a month on your product because there’s not a month supplyin one order. I want to keep using it just to see how long it takes for results however I don’t need the extra monthly cost right now.

ShaConda James

Turmeric Brightening Scrub


This Product smell so good! Amazing texture!The customer service is awesome. My order was Delivered immediately! I also received a 💝

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