BuBulk Brightening scrub & gel wash 10 sets

Bulk Brightening scrub & gel wash (10 sets)

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Attract new clients by offering special services and selling top rated products. By selling additional services and products to your clients, it increases the profits of your business.  

Having products on hand is always a plus. Providing a service that will benefit the client is a great way to upsell. It is an opportunity to add value to the customer’s experience and increase your chance of the client returning. 

The No Shade Duo is a top-rated sought-after product that will enhance your business and excite your customers by offering a service that will lighten any body part. Your customers can even purchase this product from you.

You will get 10 scrubs and 10 gels. 

Directions: Apply scrub on shaded area, rub it approximately 2-3 minutes, let sit approximately 20 minutes, rinse then follow up with gel if you have duo. If it’s only the scrub/gel, just rinse after 2-3 mins of rubbing it in and letting it sit for approx. 20 minutes. 

Reveal your true beauty

The secret to beautiful skin. Nourish your skin, and love your body. Transform your skin, transform your life. Healthy skin, happy life. Love your skin, love yourself.

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